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Traci Durfee

" Using a variety of materials & mark-making techniques, my work for Urban Primitive is a collection of nostalgic vignettes patched together by graffiti-style collage. I wanted to create pieces that feel like stories that were handed down through families but have now morphed into something absurd after so many retellings."


Traci Durfee is a mixed-media artist and printmaker, a graphic designer by profession, and all-around buffoon who never quite knows what she is doing until she is actually doing it. She was a resident of Long Beach for eight years until moving to Sedona, AZ in July 2014. It is beautifully surreal there, but she has yet to find a vortex. However, the red rock desert landscapes have proven to be extremely inspiring and magical (but not woo-woo magical) to her. Printmaking is her passion. She is always looking for ways to incorporate various print methods into mixed-media work which allows her to dig deep into her imagination and work more spontaneously.


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