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Urban Primitive

January 30-March 26, 2016

Greenly Art Space hosted the opening reception of Urban Primitive which explored the interplay between man and nature, images old and new. The show featured a variety of artwork from printmaking to encaustic and painting.  Three women artists, Traci Durfee, Jamie Kivisto and Jiela Rufeh were featured. 


"My work for Urban Primitive is about humans creating with, and attempting to control nature. It is meant to ask the question, Are we driven by power or creativity to manipulate our environment?"

says Jamie Kivisto.


About her work, Jiela states, "I first began experimenting to create a new dialogue with my photography by combining my pictures with unconventional materials such as canvases made of weathered wood, sheet metal scraps, plexiglass, etc., and playing with the ancient method of encaustic. The encaustic medium captured my interest. . . this medium suddenly broadened my ability, allowing me to express myself on multiple levels and imbue my work with layered narratives."


"Using a variety of materials & mark-making techniques, my work for Urban Primitive is a collection of nostalgic vignettes patched together by graffiti-style collage. I wanted to create pieces that feel like stories that were handed down through families but have now morphed into something absurd after so many retellings," artist Traci Durfee adds.


Kimberly Hocking, Art Director, Curator, and Founder of Greenly Art Space, selected these three artists based on the professionalism of their work and thier current exploration of images which evoke both an uraban and a primitive feel.  "Viewers will get an opportunity to view a variety of medias all approached with technical profeciency as well as an emotive quality which evokes the sense of story."


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