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From the Roots to the Leaves

October 10th, 2015

Greenly Art Space hosted the opening reception of Discovery: From the Roots to the Leaves, which explored art as a process that grows throughout a lifetime, with childlike imagination at its core. The show featured sculptures by local artists: Andres Alarcon, Nate Jones, and Karena Massengill, each artist at a different stage in their own artistic development.


“I would love for people to see the real trajectory of my work,” says Nate Jones. “I want them to be able to feel the steps of my progression and understand the honest discovery of new work that is not contrived, but built upon its predecessor-- one step higher as a result of the step below.”


Artist Karena Massengill says , “It matters to me that people either feel something when they look at my work, or are inspired to think about new and different possibilities for themselves.” The work selected for this exhibit relates to her idea that “We are never too late to have a happy childhood when we recognize that although we cannot change what has happened to us in our lives, every day, we have a choice as to how we wish to view those memories.”


Kimberly Hocking, Art Director, Curator, and Founder of Greenly Art Space, encourages this progression. “Artists are constantly discovering their paths of creativity. This show will give guests the opportunity to witness the work of artists along the continuum of self-discovery.”


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