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04/15/2015 - 07/25/2015

For its second annual fundraiser, Greenly Art Space hosted the opening reception of BLUE. The contemplative art event explored the magnificence of our oceans and the inspiration it creates. Its goals were to raise awareness and encourage a shift in consciousness in understanding the impact we've had on our oceans.


We partnered with a local non-profit, Algalita Marine Research and Education for the cause and donated $1000 of the money we raised to their efforts.


Over 70 artists exhibited their work including Slater Barron, Michiel Daniel, Nate Jones, Carol Roemer, Caryn Baumgartner, Gail Werner, Karena Massengill, and Cynthia Evans. Their works explored issues such as oil pollution, overfishing and global warming's effect on the health of our oceans.


The show was a wonderful outpouring of artistry celebrating our grand ocean.  $6000 was raised to help Greenly continue to encourage artists in our community and around the world in their calling to create.   (Artwork right by Emily Brozyna)

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