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Unexpected Encounters 1 by Marka Burns

For its third annual fundraiser, Greenly Art Space hosted the opening reception of “Into the Forest”. The contemplative art event explored the many aspects of trees in our environment. Art work will included realistic as well as abstract works which evoke a feeling of the mystery and wonder of trees and the forest.


This year the gallery chose the El Dorado Nature Center as its guest beneficiary. $1000 was donated to the cause by Greenly. Erin Kellogg, Naturalist at El Dorado Nature Center commented, “The Nature Center strives to increase awareness of our natural world, including the incredible habitat value of trees, through community partnerships such as this one. We thank Greenly Art Space for the opportunity to participate in this great event."


Over 70 artists showed at “Into the Forest”. Artist Marka Burns shared,“Every day I’m aware of how without trees our landscape would be quite desolate and void of the beauty we often take for granted." 


 Kimberly Hocking, Art Director, Curator, and the founder of Greenly Art Space, is thankful for the continued support.  “We believe that a community is encouraged and inspired by its’ local artists.  They are a treasure worth celebrating and each year we are privileged to continue our mission to build community through art because of the essential contributions by our patrons.”


South Bay Wildlife Rehab provided a live bird exhibit to support the cause.

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Into the Forest

April 16-29th, 2016

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