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ICES: The Art Gala

June 18th, 2016

The art gala opening took place on June 18th, 2016. The show celebrated the artwork created by local children in ICES Education’s fine art program within the ABC, Long Beach, and Montebello School Districts.  There was a full line-up of performances by local school children throughout the afternoon including ballet, hip-hop, cheer, and mariachi.


ICES Education is an after school and out-of-school learning program. Their vision and mission is to empower youth through education by creating an Inspiring, Caring, Educational, and Stimulating environment. The ICES staff and volunteers serve around 8,000 at-risk and low-income students at more than 30 sites across Southern California.

“The students have been creating and collaborating, with great intention to show case their work as young artists. The purpose of this gallery is to show the students that their art, intelligence and dedicated skills is valued within society. Exposing them to the population as an artist at a young age will empower them to be confident and value self growth. We want to thank Kimberly for supporting us with her gallery space,” states project director Susie Reveles.


About her teacher, student Gillian Cox states, “He has inspired and helped me throughout the year to be more creative and express my artistic abilities,” states Gillian Cox a student of the ICES program at . . . school.


Kimberly Hocking, Art Director, Curator, and Founder of Greenly Art Space is excited that Greenly can support and celebrate these young artists. “We at Greenly believe that the young artists of today need to be nurtured and encouraged because they are the creative thinkers of tomorrow.   We are so excited to give many of these young artists their first opportunity to show their work to the community in a professional gallery setting.”

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