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S. Starr

Lifelong travel has humbled and inspired me with the variety and richness of artistic beauty permeating every country, culture and religion of the world … It, also, generated persistently haunting visions of sacrifice and struggle by the worlds Unwanted People.  Their sorrowful saga serves as a Declaration of Freedom, Love and Respect for all that is beautiful in ourselves and the world.  My work is shaped and driven by the opposing beauty, crushing hardship and persistent determination of all those who suffer, yet, dare to hope for more.



This art series was created for those who struggle as Displaced People and Refugees around the world.  It attempts to shine a light on the depth and breadth of their saga and artistically explore the inextricable link between corrosive power and this unfolding tragedy.  The paintings strive to cogently illustrate the dynamics that are the breeding ground for our global crisis while conveying inclusion and hope to all.  By so doing, it offers an opportunity for our collective awareness and change.

S. Starr 2
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