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Liz Liskin

“I believe that we all have innate resources to help us grow and thrive. And my role as a therapist is helping you access these hidden resources so you can live your life more whole-heartedly with purpose and intention. My practice is psychodynamically informed but I am also trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)."

-Liz Liskin

Liz provides a space which is both safe and non-judgmental for clients to express themselves and receive the help they need. Her practice involves traditional methods of  therapy mixed with some art processes based upon the needs of the client and what they respond best with. She would like her clients to know that working solely with an  artistic approach to therapy is not mandatory. However, she is an art therapist who believes in the healing power of art making.

What Liz Specializes in:

-Acculturation Issues




-Coping Skills

-Drug Abuse

-Dual Diagnosis

-Eating Disorders

-Emotional Disturbance



-Interracial Marriage

-Marital and Premarital

-Racial Identity

-Self Esteem


-Substance Abuse

Liz Wee.jpg

Wholehearted Living Therapy
2698 Junipero Avenue 
Signal Hill, California 90755
(562) 353-5335 

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