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 Karena Massengill

As an artist working with multiple media including metal, and glass, casting and fabrication, digital imaging, drawing, and painting, I work out my ideas simultaneously in two and three dimensions. By using a variety of techniques and materials to tell my stories, I can communicate my ideas as if in different languages, and reach a larger population.


The works I will be exhibiting in the Greenly Art Space are created with different materials including traditional cast bronze and digital imaging and mixed media on canvas. They speak of the power of positive thinking. We are never too late to have a happy childhood when we recognize that although we cannot change what has happened to us in our lives, every day, we have a choice as to how we wish to view those memories. We can be empowered with this knowledge and can have life altering epiphanies as a result.


As an art educator I worked with young people who had come from extremely difficult situations in their lives. Through art and finding their own voice, they gained greater appreciation for themselves and the power they hold over their own destinies.


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