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Connie DK Lane


Connie DK Lane began her interest in sculpture when she was an undergraduate major in ceramics at California State University, Long Beach.  Later, she pursued her Master of Fine Arts from the same institution focused on exploring sculpture with different materials.  Not only making isolated objects, she has been expanding her artistic practice toward truly immersive environments.


Born of her emigration from Hong Kong, and evolved from her contemplations on belonging, memory, and being, Lane’s work is about the past and personal history, and how they relate to the present.  By combining aspects of lived experience and creative imagination, her art beckons viewers to meditate on their own complexities.


Her recent installation is inspired by Japanese culture and aesthetics experienced during her recent trips, and it’s a challenging approach to her previous work. Lane has been exhibiting her distinctive sculptural installations throughout Southern California. She currently lives and works in Long Beach, California.


This installation is inspired by what I have seen, felt, and experienced during my recent trips to Japan. Either strolling through a gravel trail or stepping on a stone path through the garden, the journey allowed me to slow down and increased my awareness of the surroundings.


Borrowing from the concepts of traditional Japanese activities of Ema and Omikuji (folded up paper fortunes commonly placed on stands or trees outside the shrines and temples) and the serenity of Zen gardens, I have created an immersive environment as a refuge, a contrast to the fast paced life that we are all living in nowadays.


My act of circling, folding and raking repetitively serves as a mantra of peace. Not only do I feel a sense of direct concentration, but it also helps to induce a relaxed state of consciousness.

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