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Kimberly Hocking

"Making art is a thing of process, just as much as finding your calling as an artist is, and no one probably knows it better than Kimberly. Going through vastly different phases either as a career focused woman, or as a mother of two kids or even when facing times of grief, the unearthing of her calling as an artist and finding the strength to stay true to that has been the story of her journey.Whether it’s making a traditional apple pie or processing the deep recesses of the human soul, Kimberly has keen insight fueled by her own experiences
Taking time as an artist to thoughtfully nurture what’s on the inside is important to her, because “art is a contemplative act”, an act of prayer even. "- From Shema Kallimel post on Art For Change Instagram.


The exploration of life as a journey and art as a contemplative act have been ongoing theme’s in my work.  Growing up, the silent snowy landscape experienced in winter was a tender space of contemplation as I sought refuge from an extroverted world.  My current journey has taken me through intense physical suffering of chronic illness, to a place of contentment with the small joys of everyday life.  By evoking the image of a tender warrior, standing silently with love and peace in a serene surrounding, I hope to call the viewer to reflect of the places of silence within themselves.  Artifacts (physical and spiritual) collected from a recent Artist Residency in India last November, give clues to the ongoing journey as a contemplative artist.

Kimberly making art_edited
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