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Jamie Kivisto

"My work for Urban Primitive is about humans creating with, and attempting to control nature. It is meant to ask the question, Are we driven by power or creativity to manipulate our environment?" Jamie Kivisto is a painter currently residing in Sedona, Arizona. She uses various mediums including acrylic paint, spray paint, markers, and collage. The majority of Kivisto's subject matter is inspired by nature, while her painting style incorporates the urban elements of bright colors and design.Jamie studied Fine Art at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. In 2005, she moved to Long Beach, CA where she began showing her work in galleries and businesses throughout LA and Orange Counties. During her time in California, Jamie organized art events and curated numerous art shows with her partner. Her work has also made appearances on film and television.After nearly ten years in Long Beach, Jamie moved to Sedona and continues to create art based on the inspiration found in her new surroundings.

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